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Andrea Kaspar

Andrea Kaspar was born also in the beautiful town of Thun 6 years apart from Priska. She was always very happy at the nursery u baked  sand tarts and Decorated them with the flowers which her parents produced. As a young girl she worked with the neighborhood kids on a little "Market" next to the nursery and sold plants.

1999-2002 Andrea Kaspar Graduaded teaching for ornamental gardener at the Cantonal School of Horticulture Oeschberg in Koppigen BE. There she got to know many people and started the love for her Proffession. The third year of training could all the horticultural students complete  in an internship which should be with the help of her uncle in Gland VD Garden Centre Schilliger. She  learned a lot about the Romandie and the Röstigraben. Die audit consisted Andrea 2002 successfully.

2002-2003 Andrea wanted to take her life into her  own hands and sought a spot on her  profession. Said and done, she  could start in Uetendorf after a long summer break in flowers Roggli. Since flowers Roggli Mainly seedlings were produced, this was now her  job and she  also had great interest.

2003-2004 Andrea decided a training in her profession to graduate. With great zeal, vigor and joy she went,into  the project head gardener back at the Cantonal School of Horticulture Oeschberg. There she met a lot of new people. Some of her classmates came from family nurseries which all exchanges made very exciting. The professional examination graduated Andrea with success.

2004-2005 Now was the time to find another place to work  wich  was not so easy. A friend from Oeschberg Andrea met told her that the Garden Centre Schilliger In Matran FR is looking for a new Emloyee . There she competed herself unceremoniously and got this also pledged. Andrea Worked in garden center sales and consulting and freshened up her French talking skills  .

2005-2013 Andrea went back to the Family Business. In operation of her parents, Andrea worked in sales and in production. Now she could train apprentices, conduct introductory courses and take exams with her education. A great help to her  attended Albertheim former gardener and good friend of her parents.

2010-2011 Andrea started the education for being a Florist . The doctrine was a tough job since she  had mainly worked  in the nursery. However Andrea Succeded the examn with the Help oft he Employed Florists.

2013 - Founded Andrea and her partner Marcel Blumen  Kaspar AG .Marcel has resigned from the operation and today Forwards Andrea along with her sister Priska the 3rd generation.

Blumen Kaspar being built
Blumen Kaspar being built

Andrea's Professional Portfolio Summary

  • 1998-1999 One Year Abroad  in Rushville IN with a High School Degree form Rushville Consolidated High School.
  • 1999-2001 Education in  Gartenbauschule Oeschberg BE Ornemental horticulurralist.
  • 2001-2002 Internship 3rd Year of Education at Schilliger Garden Centre Gland VD.
  • 2002 Successfully Graduated Ornamental horticulturist at Gartenbauschule Oeschberg BE
  • 2002-2003 Working at Blumen Roggli Uetendorf BE in young plant Production
  • 2003-2004 Education and Graduation proffessional examination in Gartenbauschule Oeschberg BE. Training cours of proffessional teaching, Phytosanitary class.
  • 2004-2005 Working at Garden Centre Schilliger Matran FR Consulting and sales
  • 2005-2013 Working at Blumen Kaspar under the Management of my parents, consulting and sales, ornamental plant production, education of Apprentices.

     Different advanced vocational trainings at Gartenbauschule Oeschberg, BE  

  • 2010-2011 Education at Blumen Kaspar as a Florist and at IDM Thun, BE
  • 2013-current Blumen Kaspar changed to Blumen Kaspar AG .

    Management and Adminitration.

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