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Terms & Conditions



Completion and transmission of the internet order form or other communication of an order create a purchase contract between customer and Blumen Kaspar AG under Swiss law, regardless of position or residence of the customer at the moment of registration. Blumen Kaspar AG has the right to refuse any orders. 

Data Protection

All customer data will be kept secret by Blumen Kaspar AG and they will not be used for advertising purposes unless explicitly desired by the customer. 

Amount & Taxes (MWSt.)

All prices shown include MWSt. (taxes).  Charging credit cards or debit cards is the standard procedure, billing is the exception. The total amount (goods plus shipping costs) will be charged up only to addresses in Switzerland or world-wide via credit card. The invoice is in Swiss francs (CHF), the charging of the credit card in Swiss francs (CHF). Any costs resulting from unpaid bills will be charged to the customer. 

Calculation, Prices and Offers in the Internet

The calculation of the amounts are effected locally by Javascript on the computer of the customer. In case of errors regarding calculation, prices or offers due to malfunction of the customer’s computer, due to malfunction or incompatibility of the customer’s programs or provider or due to other technical errors or temporal delays, the valid offers and prices are those of Blumen Kaspar AG.

Exchange Rates

Invoices are to be paid in Swiss francs (CHF). With credit card charges resulting from internet orders the customer chooses the currency on his/her order form, provided the respective credit card company accepts the respective currency. The valid exchange rates for conversions are those applied by Blumen Kaspar AG or the respective credit card companies. 

Identification of the Customer

Name and address of the customer must be complete and correct. Indication of phone number for questions during the office hours of Blumen Kaspar AG is compulsory. 

Identifying Recipient of Flowers

Name and address quoted by the customer must be complete and correct under the mail office regulations and conventions of the country of destination. 

Faults of Transmission

Provided Blumen Kaspar AG has worked with the usual care the customer meets the expenses in case of damage resulting from the use of post, telegraph, telephone, fax, telex, internet and other means of transmission or shipping companies, especially damage resulting from loss, delay, destruction or double execution as well as misuse of data by a third party. 

Fleurop/Les Fleurs

For orders executed via Les Fleurs, Fleurop and other organizations the valid terms are the present general terms of business as well as all the terms of Les Fleurs, Fleurop and the terms of the other organizations. In case of contradictions between the present general terms of business and the terms of Les Fleurs, Fleurop and other companies, the present terms of business of Blumen Kaspar AG are valid. 

Languages in Business with Blumen Kaspar AG

The languages possible for business with Blumen Kaspar AG are German and English. For orders not placed in German the valid translation of the order is the one made with the usual care by Blumen Kaspar AG. The general terms of business and any other texts and offers published by Blumen Kaspar AG need to be available in German and English only. If there are translations, the German text is always valid in case of doubts. 

Incomplete and Unsatisfactory Execution of Orders

Blumen Kaspar AG is not liable for damage resulting from non execution as well as incomplete or delayed execution of orders. 

Valid Law and Venue

All legal relations of the customer with Blumen Kaspar AG are subject to Swiss law. Bern is place of settlement, place of prosecution for customers domiciled abroad and exclusive venue for all legal proceedings. This is subject to eventual appeal to the Federal High Court of Switzerland. However, Blumen Kaspar AG has the right to sue at any other court that may be competent. 

Alterations of the General Terms of Business

The present general terms of business are subject to alterations by Blumen Kaspar AG at any time.

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