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Creating Perfection

Are you planning a grand wedding reception in a hotel or outdoor venue or thinking about an elopement and you need beautiful florals matching your style? If so you are in the right place. We have many years of international event experience and would love to assist you with your needs. 

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Our Partners


Elope In Switzerland

— to run away (secretly) with your loved one to get married

We organize dreamy and romantic intimate weddings in Switzerland for the free spirits and the wild at heart. We are a team with a heart for authentic weddings. Our team is based in Switzerland, full of beauty seekers, and aware of plenty stunning hideaways, secret places, and exceptional getaways in our country.

From Zurich, Switzerland our team seeks to create the elopement or intimate wedding of your dreams.


Isabel Nao

The warmth of openhearted people, the rawness of slightly wild landscapes and the soft glow of natural light is what you’ll find here, in my photography.

You’re here for connection, for beauty found in the ordinary and in the details, for adventuring, and for those moments of grace. That’s what I love to find and create when I photograph. That’s what makes me come alive.

My focus is on adventurous elopements, couple sessions and portraits, because I love people and I’m an extroverted introvert (we can discuss that paradox when we meet). The most fascinating, majestic background I’ve found for my pictures is nature. So all the outdoors locations are the ones I’ll suggest by default. That being said, if you prefer taking your pictures in your beautiful, light-filled apartment, that’s perfect too! Now… If you’ve been thinking about it, let’s make it happen! I’m ready when you are!

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