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Ripasso Albino Armani DOC


The Ripasso is made by placing the fresh Valpolicella wine on the pomace of the Amarone shortly after drawing it off. This allows the wine to increase its structure and concentration.

Production area: in the high hills of Marano in Valpolicella between 360 and 450 m. a.s.l. and the high hills of Val d’Illasi.
Soil composition: calcareous deposits on volcanic rocks in Marano and calcareous marl in Val d’Illasi.
Growing system: old “pergole” on walled stone terraces, called “marogne”.
Harvest: manual, in early October.
Vinification: the fresh Valpolicella wine is decanted on to the fresh pomace of our Amarone which is still generous in structure and aroma. Then treading without reassembly and some ‘delestage’ is done until the complete depletion of the sugar content, making it rich in volume and sweet tannins. The refining occurs in oak barrels for about one year.
Sensory profile: intense ruby red color, elegant bouquet of matured cherry, blackberry and spices (ginger in particular). Persistent and warm taste, with a light and pleasant savoury note.
Food pairings: tasty first courses, roasted or boiled red meats and aged cheeses.
Service temperature: 18°-20°C.

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